Welcome to Laptop Clinic Northwest

Laptop Clinic Northwest offers a comprehensive service to customers from collection to completion

We can arrange to collect your computer.

Our technician will diagnose the problem and agree the likely repair cost with you before any work is carried out.

If no further work is carried out a charge of £10 will be made for inspection and diagnosis.

If other problems come to light during the repair we will call you and agree any extra work to be done.

When the work is completed we can arrange return your equipment.

You have a 28 day warranty on repairs.

If your equipment cannot be repaired we may be able to make an offer to purchase it to use for spare parts.

We may be interested in your redundant computers and laptops as we also sell refurbished equipment.

NB: Repairs to printed circuit board are carried out at owner's risk. Laptop Clinic Northwest cannot be held responsible for any 'damage' occurring during the repair process.

We aim to be the best in the Northwest!

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